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How can your com­mu­ni­ca­tions best rep­re­sent you? Davis Design Partners (DDP) strives to design work that not only informs and edu­cates, but also creates
pos­i­tive impres­sion—one that increas­es aware­ness and loy­alty. See how we have helped orga­ni­za­tions with their visu­al mes­sag­ing and indi­vid­ual identity.

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Purdue Theatre 2005-06 Season BrochurePurdue Theatre 2005-06 Season BrochurePurdue Theatre 2005-06 Season BrochurePurdue Theatre 2005-06 Season Brochure

By Matt

On 01, Jul 2005 | In | By Matt

Purdue Theatre 2005-06 Season Brochure

Purdue Theatre at Purdue University engaged DDP for a sec­ond year to design and pro­duce its 2005-06 sea­son brochure and col­lat­er­al mate­ri­als. Our chal­lenge this year was to present an entire sea­son of six dis­tinct­ly dif­fer­ent plays to the pub­lic, this time in a small­er pam­phlet for­mat that would allow it to be insert­ed into mul­ti­ple edi­tions of the local news­pa­per as a free-stand­ing insert (FSI).
In addi­tion, we were engaged to redesign the theatre’s iden­ti­ty and incor­po­rate the final selec­tion into the sea­son brochure design, with­out delay to the brochure’s pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­b­u­tion sched­ule. While still adher­ing to a strict bud­get, we were able to print a full-col­or brochure through care­ful plan­ning and paper selec­tion. The result­ing brochure cap­tured the dynam­ic nature of each play—all this with­out an increase in bud­get. Posters, post­cards, play­bills, and a TV spot accom­pa­nied the brochure, to be used through­out the season.